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American Idol Online Casino Odds

Now with the American Idol competition in full swing, entertainment and music junkies who simply can’t get their fill are beginning to make this season’s competition more interesting for themselves by joining the hundreds of others who have already placed bets at the online casino on who they think will be the winner of this year’s contest. Online casino fans are watching closely to see who will be music’s next pop star, and hoping they can cash in on their choice. The online casinos are also feeling the excitement as more and more bets come pouring in.

‘We’ve already received a record amount of bets on this series of American Idol and anticipate thousands more wagers as the series draws to a close,’ said Simon Noble of Pinnacle Sports, a leading online casino sports book. ‘With his performances receiving glowing reviews from even the normally unimpressed Simon Cowell, Chris Daughtry has vaulted into favorite status among both fans and bettors alike.’ Daughtry is currently ranked at the online casino site at 7/2 odds.

American Idol is watched in countries around the world, and is a prime source of entertainment for both online casino bettors and the average music lover. It is easy to understand why this show is so loved. From the very first auditions, to the final performance, American Idol is full of laughter, fun, tears, and celebration. And the online casino sports books are there living every moment of this competition with the fans.

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