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Online Casino Buys Jesus Christ Metal Sheet

One of the leading online casino sites on the web, Golden Palace online casino, has recently purchased, for $1,500, sheet metal which apparently bears the image of Christ and the Virgin Mary. While unloading supplies, Hardy’s Hardware employee, Thomas Haley, a particular piece of sheet metal caught his eye as he saw a face staring back at him. Online casinos fans, already knowing the advertising stunts of Golden Palace, will not be surprised as to why the online gambling site purchased the item from eBay.

‘There is no doubt that an image of a face appears in this item,’ said the online casino CEO Richard Rowe. ‘Whether it’s Jesus, Jim Morrison, or anyone else is in the eye of the beholder. This item has definitely sparked interest and debate however. It will make a great addition to the collection of religious items we will be taking on tour later this year. People will see and decide for themselves.’ When the sheet is turned upside down, the nativity scene and the Virgin Mary appear. When Haley, and his friend, Jonathan Jackson, asked friends what they thought, some agreed, while others said they saw Jim Morrison. This is when Haley decided to sell it on eBay. Now the online casino has yet another entertainment item from the deity.

However you cut it, Golden Palace online casino knows how to make headlines and appeal to the entertainment side of people all over the globe. With the fantastic and outlandish purchases this online casino makes, it is hard not to take notice. Online casinos fans can only sit and wait (while playing at online casinos of course) to see what this famous online gambling site will buy next.

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