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Online Casino Bettors Place Odds on Jessica Alba

Brown-eyed, rich mahogany colored hair, and a tan olive complexion catches anyone’s eye when looking at (or looking at pictures and films of) Jessica Alba, one of Hollywood’s most rising stars. Known for her beauty and her acting roles in ‘Dark Angel’, a television series, and her role in ‘Honey’ as a dance teacher for inner-city children, among other acting appearances, it seems that Alba’s career is simply soaring. But in every great career, there is always a period of time that every actor wishes to keep secret and locked behind the private doors of their mind. Online casino bettors have already gotten into the action of betting on whether or not Alba will sue famous magazine Playboy for running an unauthorized photo of her on its March cover. As it stands so far, online casinos fans have bet on Yes with +110 and No at -140. So what do these numbers mean? Online casino bettors wagering on Yes are at 11/10 odds, and those wagering on No are at 5/7 odds.

Whatever the bet, online casino fans are mainly waiting to see if she will or won’t sue Playboy. It seems that this leading magazine has been taken to court many times over the course of its existence by numerous Hollywood stars. Justifiably so? This is something fans will never know. Either way, it definitely makes for good entertainment and some seriously juicy news. And online casino fans know about good entertainment!

The Hollywood fan world will wait to see what happens next, and online casino bettors will sit impatiently hoping that their bets will prove to be lucrative. It will be quite interesting to see how this story turns out, and who will take the cake on this props bet!

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