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Online Casino Buys Religious Tree

Once again, like so many times before, Golden Palace online casino has made headlines with yet another wacky purchase. The online casino recently bought the ‘Miracle Tree’ – the famous symbol known to both American and Mexican media and visitors – with the image of the Virgin De Guadalupe in the tree. The amount spent on this recent buy? The online casinos site paid a whopping $5,000 to the eBay seller for the right to own the tree. But why did the online casino do this?

‘Thousands have been to see the tree and the eBay webpage received over 10,000 visitors. Obviously this is something that people believe in and they are affected by it. We hope that our acquisition of the tree will increase its exposure and help to share it with the world,’ said the online casino CEO Richard Rowe. So the online casino had a larger purpose than simply earning some great advertising points by acquiring such an item. As far as entertainment goes, this definitely falls under the category.

It is very possible that this purchase will help increase the exposure of the ‘Miracle Tree’ and bring more visitors to its location where it is assumed that many more will leave bottles of holy water, candles, and rosary beads. Now the only question is what next? What will this online casino now buy after all of the zany and crazy purchases it has made thus far? Surely there is much more in store for online casino fans and players. So check out Golden Palace now and again and see what’s going on!

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