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Online Casino Leases Oscar

Golden Palace, one of the world’s leading online casino sites, has had its name spread across the news again, with its newest advertising stunt; it’s leasing Morris Stoloff’s 1960 ‘Song without End’ Academy Award Oscar for 999 years. The online casino paid $30,000 for the permission to harbor this precious valuable. Online casinos all over the globe can definitely learn a trick or two about self-advertising and name recognition from Golden Palace.

‘Many former Oscar winners have their awards sitting on a mantle collecting dust. Some of them may want to use their awards to make some extra cash or get themselves back into the spotlight. We’re more than happy to help,’ said Drew Black, a casino spokesman for the online casino. The Academy has been preventing private sales and public auctions of Oscars for years regarding those awarded after 1951, when winners were required to sign off that the statuettes were the property of the Academy. But lawyers are now at a loss when it comes to leasing, for there is no specific law forbidding this act. It seems this online casino has definitely found the loophole it needed in order to once again make headlines.

Whether it’s leasing Oscars, sponsoring building climbers, or hosting popular food-eating contests, this online casino knows how to gets its name out there and have the world view its crazy and outlandish antics. Online casino fans love to see the latest from Golden Palace. This online casinos site definitely keeps the online gambling industry interesting with its unbelievable ads. That’s definitely a form of entertainment!

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