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Jerry Garcia’s Toilets Bought by Online Casino

It seems that Golden Palace, a leading online casino, has really gone overboard this time. Although for a worthy cause, the online casinos site bought four toilets, formerly owned by the legendary Jerry Garcia, the lead singer of the famous 1960’s band, The Grateful Dead. The seller, Henry Koltys, donated the $5,000 paid by the online casino, to charity. He bought Garcia’s 7,500 square foot house in 1997, deciding to sell the items in the house and donating the proceeds to charity.

‘We look forward to further collaboration with Golden Palace to obtain additional contributions and are glad to know the toilets are in good hands. With over 1 million divorces in the US and Canada each year, over half with children, there is a real need to help parents avoid conflict and focus on the children,’ said Koltys, who donated the money from the online casino auction sale to The Sophia Foundation and Kids-First Custody and Parenting Software. The money from the online casino will go towards a new initiative and software helping children deal with separation and divorce. The money spent on these toilets will surely prove to be more beneficial than the toilets were to the new owner.

Who would have thought a toilet could do so much good? Leave it to Golden Palace to provide an example to all online casino sites that charity can come even from some of the most random items. Online casino fans will be pleased to know that the online gambling community, both in the past and present, does its best to help worthy causes. And by participating in an auction like this, not only is the online casino doing something great for others in need, but it is also doing so with great entertainment.

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