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Online Casino Bettors Could Predict Who Will Get Whacked

Get whacked? What? Where? Who? Beginning March 12th, 2006 on HBO all will be clear. What does this date represent? The beginning of the new season of one of the best shows on cable television, of course – The Sopranos! Because entertainment, namely television shows, has become so popular for online casino bettors to place odds on their favorite shows and characters, many online casinos gamblers have begun doing so. These bets are known as props bets and are becoming very popular among online casino bettors.

It’s all up to your judgment. And if you’re a religious sopranos fan, you have show history to lean on when placing your bet at the online casino. Will the Don himself get taken down? Maybe his psychiatrist will kick the bucket? As one of the last seasons of this great show, anything can happen. And betting at the online casino with regards to who will get whacked first or last or whenever you decide they can, will make the show that much more exciting.

One thing is for sure – just like in all of the past seasons of The Sopranos, this season is sure to be action-filled and packed with the great acting and intriguing storyline always present in this show. So what are you waiting for? Visit the online casino sports books and see if they are offering odds on the new season of The Sopranos. Who knows? You just might be right and score big at the online casino! It’s definitely worth a shot!

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