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Casino Poker Tour Gets New Hostess

The World Poker Tour, or WPT, is one of the leading poker events and most watched televised tours in the world. And one of the reasons for such high numbers when it comes to viewers is Shana Hiatt, the 3-year hostess known to both online casino and land-based poker fans. But at the end of the third season hosting the tour, Hiatt decided that it was time for her to end her run. Many online casino poker fans will be disappointed to learn this, as well as tons of land-based poker lovers. Although many online casinos fans associate Hiatt with the WPT, her replacement, Courtney Friel, seems to be doing just fine. She will definitely make an impression just like Shana Hiatt.

Courtney is beautiful, charismatic, and skillful. Graduating from San Diego State University with a BA in Political Science and a minor in Broadcast Journalism, she brings her education and professionalism to the WPT and to all of the online casino and regular poker fans. She is definitely bringing entertainment to the WPT, which has enough of its own. But she adds a little sunshine and fun to the show! Online casino and other poker lovers will definitely love Courtney!

Although there is a new face representing the WPT, this fact will not change the premium television and programming that are synonymous with the WPT. Online casino fans learn a great deal from this tour, from strategies to helpful tricks and tips. The WPT brings both entertainment and education to many online casino and land-based poker players. Bringing all of the poker lovers of the world together is what the WPT, and now Courtney Friel, do best.

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