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Online Casino Celebrity Bounty Poker Tournament

Doyle’s Room, one of the leading online casino sites, is once again holding one of its famous online casino bounty tournaments. And this time, celebrities will be involved! Who exactly? Nicky Hilton, heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune, Kevin Connelly, from HBO’s ‘Entourage’, and many others! This will definitely be one of the online casino celebrity tournaments of the year! With so much in store for these Hollywood stars, online casinos poker fans will be able to follow how their favorite star does in this event.

In weeks past, both Hilton and her boyfriend, Connelly, have participated in these bounty tournaments, finishing in the top 200 out of nearly one thousand online casino players. ‘Kevin was very talkative in last week’s Bounty,’ says Trish Salazar the Director of Customer Service for Doyle’s Room. Every week, this online casino site hosts a celebrity bounty tournament, with $25,000 in cash prizes. A-list celebrities participate in these bounty tournaments, and simply have to be knocked off to win the prize.

So yes, this means you can play in this online casino bounty tournament! You could play against Nicky Hilton or Kevin Connelly, and possibly beat them! $25,000 will enter your bank account, and you will be considered quite the online casino poker shark. So how’s that for entertainment! You can have fun and try and beat some of the most famous and best poker professionals in the world! So what are you waiting for! Sign up today, enter, and play! Who knows? You just might win!

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