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Online Casino BAFTA Awards Results

Hey there, online casino film fans! The BAFTA Awards are over, and the results are in! For those of you who wagered on various films and actors/actresses to win the best of everything at the BAFTA Awards (the British Academy Film and Television Arts Awards) at your favorite online casino sites, here is the biggest winner of them all: ‘Brokeback Mountain’ went home with four BAFTAS! Could this be an indication of how this film will do at the Academy Awards? It might be too early to tell. But for those of you who are placing bets on the Oscars at the online casinos sports books, these results might be able to guide you better at the online casinos!

Other winners included ‘The Constant Gardner’ for best editing, ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ for best cinematography, music and costume design, ‘Crash’ for best supporting actress Thandie Newton, and many more. Although the BAFTA awards are not as popular or famous as the Academy Awards, it still carries a lot of weight regarding honor and prestige. Online casino bettors who wagered on this awards ceremony are well aware of this fact.

So if you’re a fan of all these film and entertainment award ceremonies, these past few months, and of course the 5th of next month, have brought you a great deal of television viewing enjoyment and excitement, especially if you bet on some of these films and icons at the online casino. So if you’re still placing your bets at the online casino for the Oscars, good luck! Not too long now until that golden Oscar goes to the various Hollywood stars you love so much!

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