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Casino Mogul Kerry Packer in Movie

Late last year, Kerry Packer, the well-known Australian casino mogul, passed away leaving a legacy behind that will be remembered for all time, particularly in a movie which is currently in production about the famous casino stud. ‘Chasing the Whale’, a film written and directed by John Stockwell, delves into the world of the casino sharks and high stakes casino gambling, much of which revolves around Packer. No potential actors have been announced yet for the film, but the film is believed to have begun production before Packer’s death.

During his lifetime, Kerry Packer was the richest man in Australia. He controlled 30% of PBL, the group which runs Channel Nine television in Australia. He was also the first to lead PBL into the casino industry. Thought of as a ‘whale’ in the casino, he was considered Australia’s biggest gambler, often gambling millions of dollars in casinos. He was definitely a king of entertainment for many reasons. He died on December 26th, 2005 at the age of 68 of natural causes.

John Howard, Australia’s Prime Minister, was a close friend of Packer’s. He was quoted as saying during a press release that ‘He was a generous, very philanthropic person.’ Many online casino fans may never have heard of Kerry Packer. ‘Chasing the Whale’ might be a great way to become introduced to such a central figure in the casino world. In the meantime, online casino players can try their luck at being their own Kerry Packer at the online casino.

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