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Online Casino Poker is Everywhere

Online casino poker is popular. But you might not know just how popular it is. That’s why Paddy Power Poker, a leading online casinos poker operator, decided to conduct ‘Poker 2006: The State of Play’, a comprehensive and detailed survey which probes the secrets of online casino poker players in Britain and Ireland. The online casino giant saw it fitting to conduct this study seeing as how most of the world seems to be playing online poker.

So here are the results: according to the online casino survey, 55% of all online casino poker players have played the game naked or in their underwear. 63% said they would rather play poker than have sex, while 13% have injured themselves playing poker. 37% have told little white lies in order to play poker. 38% play online casino poker every day. With numbers like these it is easy to see that this popular game has fully consumed many, and is on its way to doing the same to others.

But that’s not all. Online casino poker fans also bet on other odds. For instance, during the study, when the participants were asked who would win a game of poker between George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Tony Blair, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong II and Saddam Hussein, voted champion was Fidel Castro. It seems like playing online casino poker is not always about gambling and winning, but also about having a blast while doing it.

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