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Online Casino Devours Valentine’s Day

Golden Palace, one of the most famous online casino sites on the Internet, has done it again. This time, the online casino king has devoured Valentine’s Day! How exactly? By having one of the tastiest competitive food eating contests of all – a chocolate heart eating competition! Online casinos fans will be surprised to know that Patrick Bertoletti, considered by many to be one of the fastest rising competitive food eating stars on the circuit, ate nearly 2 pounds of chocolate hearts at the Golden Palace Valentine’s Day Chocolate Massacre on February 14th, 2006 to win a whopping $5,000!

A bottomless supply of candy hearts, made expertly by the Chicago Chocolate Company, was given to the top competitive eaters in the country. The challenge of eating as many as possible in seven minutes, one minute for each of the men killed in Capone’s 1929 mob hit was the objective of the online casino competition. Online casino chocolate fans probably would have loved to have been present for such an event!

‘Congratulations to Patrick for his amazing win,’ said Golden Palace CEO Richard Rowe. ‘These competitions are always fun, exciting, and definite crowd-pleasers. Thanks to the IFOCE, Chicago Chocolate Company, and the eaters for making this a great success.’ Of course it was a success! The online casino has once again put its name out there for the world to see! Setting a standard in marketing creativity and self-promotion, this online casino is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to name recognition and success.

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