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Grilled Cheese Champion for Online Casino

It seems that Golden Palace online casino has done it again. In the search for great entertainment, and a way to promote its online casino, Golden Palace has hosted the one and only World Grilled Cheese-Eating Championship. Only this online casinos king could think of such an event to offer its loyal fans and grilled cheese-eating gurus from all over the globe.

So who won the big event? None other than Sonya Thomas of Virginia, a multiple- occasion winner at the online casino for previous food eating contests. She didn’t win easily – her main opponent, Joey Chestnut from California, came in with 25.5 sandwiches in ten minutes, while she grazed by and won with 26 in the same time frame. The online casino winner had this to say of the second place winner: ‘He is very good with the bread which is difficult to swallow. I really had to psyche myself into a big finish and I just swallowed and thought about how upset I would be if I lost,’ said Thomas. In third place was Patrick Bertoletti, who held the lead for most of the competition, until the very end when the other two fought to the finish.

Viewing the video at the online casino site, it is easy to see why Thomas is the winner. With calm bites and determination she sailed ahead of the other competitors. Thomas has once again brought pride to the online casino and will surely do so again, when another eating contest will be sponsored by Golden Palace!

OCA News Editor