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Eric Bana the Casino Player

His face has been everywhere the past few years. He’s a Hollywood star, loyal husband, and caring father. But his talents don’t stop there – Eric Bana is a casino blackjack fan – and isn’t half bad at playing either! Gambling and betting run in his family, with his father a greyhound dog trainer who took Bana to the tracks as a child. In an exclusive Cosmopolitan Magazine interview, Eric Bana reveals how he loved playing casino poker as a young adult, and how his past experience helped prepare him for a roll in his latest film, ‘Lucky You’.

When asked how he got his start in casino gambling this is what he had to say: ‘When I was older, I’d go to the casinos after work and play blackjack. I really enjoyed relearning poker for ‘Lucky You’ – I got reasonably good at it.’ Although the movie is not out in theaters yet, Eric Bana fans, as well as land-based casino and online casino fans, are surely anxiously awaiting its debut.

We can only guess if Mr. Bana visits the online casino now and then. Whether he does or not, online casino and land-based casino fans everywhere will continue to enjoy the fun and excitement these online gambling venues offer. And if Eric Bana hasn’t tried the online casino yet, maybe he should! In the meantime be on the lookout for ‘Lucky You’ and enjoy the entertainment at the online casino!

OCA News Editor