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Online Casino Buys Seattle Super Dog

With a bid of $1,800, Golden Palace, one of the most famous online casino sites, has purchased a hot dog – but not just any hot dog – the Seattle Super Dog! This delectable item was purchased during the Seattle Seahawks NFC Championship game against the Carolina Panthers close to the end of the 3rd quarter. So why did the online casino buy this item? As usual, when it comes to this online casinos king, a portion of the proceeds always go charity.

‘We are happy to have the opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause,’ said Golden Palace CEO Richard Rowe. ‘The eBay webpage received over 350,000 visitors so it’s obvious that people are interested in the Super Dog. This will be a welcome addition to our collection of odd items.’ The Grant Wistrom Foundation will be the lucky recipient of the money from the online casino. This foundation works to improve the lives of children, especially those afflicted with cancer. The online casino is proud to be able to contribute to this foundation.

So this is probably the most famous hot dog in the world – although it does have some stark competition with the Oscar Meyer hot dog! That’s okay, though – this hot dog can definitely hold its’ own. Leave it to this online casino to make it famous! What a great source of entertainment and fun for its loyal online casino fans! Way to go Golden Palace!

OCA News Editor