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Online Casino Betting for Oscars

It’s almost time to roll out the red carpet again for the 78th annual Academy Awards! That’s right – online casino and land-based entertainment fans are all anxiously waiting to see who will arrive and how they’ll look the night of the Oscars! With so many online casinos taking bets on who will win Best Director, Best Motion Picture, and other top awards, it wouldn’t be surprising if Best Dressed or Worst Dressed would begin to get props betting at all of the major online casino sites.

Just like Joan Rivers and her best and worst grades, wouldn’t it be great if online casino fans could take her place and predict who the best and worst dressed would be? The fancy dresses, the tailored suits – all under the scrutiny of online casino bettors and loyal entertainment Hollywood fans – it would definitely make headlines! So far, there haven’t been any props bets this year regarding the garbs of the stars during Oscar night.

So to all of you online casino fans who love the Oscars for how the stars shimmer and shine more than the actual awards ceremony, this might be a good props bet to suggest to your favorite online casino. Bringing Hollywood entertainment of this kind to online gambling could be very exciting indeed. And if it doesn’t happen this year – it still might next year. So no matter what the outcome, don’t miss this event!

OCA News Editor