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Online Casino Takes Oscar Odds

Props betting, wagering on entertainment and other non-gambling related outcomes has become very popular among online casinos and online gamblers. Pinnacle Sports, a leading online casino, is offering the first official betting line on this year’s nominees of the 78th Annual Academy Awards. This online casino is taking odds on six major categories, including Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress.

Leading the way with eight overall nominations is ‘Brokeback Mountain’ at 1/13 odds. It also takes the Best Director nomination at 1/19 odds. Online casino bettors everywhere will be watching the Academy Awards, not only to see who the winner is, but also to find out if they have cashed in on a good prediction. For those online casino players who like to bet on other things other than sports and real Vegas-style games, props betting is a wonderful alternative.

The Academy Awards is a ceremony watched by millions on home television sets in the living rooms of people everywhere, all over the world. Online casino fans are a group of these people watching for enjoyment, entertainment, and fun. And now that online casino sites are getting involved in the awards ceremony, they draw even more viewers to the show, making this event even bigger than it has been in the past. For all of you online casino punters, good luck and enjoy the show!

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