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Online Casino Site Takes Bets on Magazine Feature

It is amazing what online casino players will bet on these days. And it is even more amazing what kind of props bets (online gambling bets made on entertainment outcomes) online casino sites actually offer! The latest from Bodog, a leading online casinos site, is a prop bet on which particular leading magazine will unveil the first pictures of Angelina Jolie’s and Brad Pitt’s baby.

Some of the magazines up for the running are US Weekly, People Magazine, Star Magazine, National Enquirer, and The Daily Mirror among others. Although the baby is still four months away from birth, bets from online casino punters are flowing in at an alarming rate. Bodog already has running odds on these numerous magazines. So far, online casino gamblers seem to be favoring US Weekly at 3/2 as the magazine who will win the right to post the baby photos first!

In second place is Star Weekly, with 2/1 odds. A close third is People Magazine with 3/1 odds. Only time will tell which magazine will win this prop bet and which online casino punters will win along with it! Online casino patrons everywhere are finding ways to bet their money on outlandish predictions and interesting wagers every day. And thanks to online casino sites like Bodog, they have a place to be able to do this. Online casino bettors wagering on this particular prop bet will be waiting impatiently for the birth of this Hollywood couple’s child. But it might very well be worth the wait!

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