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Casino World Poker Tour Now in Arcade Game

Stern Pinball and the WPT have announced a recent joint partnership. The WPT wants to bring the magic and excitement of poker and online casino poker to pinball fans everywhere! The World Poker Tour Pinball Machine is ready to be played and should bring tons of excitement and entertainment to pinball wizards and fans all over the country! Even online casino pinball fans will love this game. The pinball machine is like a live version of online casinos poker!

In the pinball game, the purpose is to travel the WPT circuit and make your poker hands as you go through hitting particular targets and ramps. Your hole cards are displayed in the center of the pinball game, and through skillful play of the machine, the flop, turn and river will be earned and displayed. The hosts of the WPT – Mike Sexton, Courtney Friel, and Vince Van Patten – are all featured on the game case, and the case has voiceovers of these hosts as well. Tons of action and entertainment can be had by online casino and land-based poker and pinball fans. Imagine if this pinball machine would be found in the arcades of land-based casino sites as well!

‘The World Poker Tour has a timeless theme of poker and, more importantly, is one of the strongest performers on television today. The playfield is innovative and includes our ‘Ace in the Hole’ ball lock feature, sixteen drop targets, and some new and exciting ways to play pinball,’ said pinball great, Steve Richie. This is definitely going to be a great source of fun and excitement for many casino and pinball fans. So if you love to play pinball and online casino and land-based poker, this is the game for you!

OCA News Editor