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Hilton Casino Gets Ashton Kutcher as Investor

Most people on the globe know who Ashton Kutcher is! Besides being a Hollywood icon of entertainment, he is also Demi Moore’s husband as well as the leading star in the sitcom hit ‘That 70’s Show’! And now he has decided to enter the casino world by becoming a major investor in a restaurant for a newly planned Reno hotel-condo-casino. The restaurant, Dolce, which by the name already refers to its Italian cuisine, will serve the delicious concoctions already served at its Melrose Avenue branch in Hollywood, California. It seems when Ashton Kutcher makes a casino entrance he does it with style and molto gusto!

Many interesting and glamorous visitors will surely be lured to Dolce with Ashton Kutcher as one of the investors! His partners include Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama, who also starred in ‘That 70’s Show’, as well as Chris Masterson of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’. Now that Ashton has made his way into the casino world, one can only wonder if he will do the same in the online casino sector!

The Reno Hilton Hotel and Casino which is currently Nevada’s largest hotel and casino, will be re-named as the Grand Sierra Resort. Many casino fans will flock to this hotel, to eat at the fabulous Dolce restaurant, and possibly catch a glimpse of Kutcher himself! And even if they don’t, they will have the entertainment experience of their lives, with great food, fun casino games, and the chance to win a great deal of cash!

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