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Online Casino Site Searches for Calendar Models

Hollywood Poker, an online casino site where all of the Hollywood stars who adore poker play, is hosting its 2007 Hollywood Poker Girls Calendar model search. Talk about a magnet for entertainment! Beautiful women from across the US will be competing with each other to be the top 12 finalists to be featured in the online casino calendar for 2007. Online casinos fans everywhere will be able to follow this top model search on the Hollywood Poker website.

‘Last year’s model search program was such an enormous success that we are looking forward to all the entries we receive for 2007. By starting earlier this year, we hope to have even more girls enter the competition to be considered for the new calendar,’ said Vince Van Patten, Hollywood Poker star. This competition is yet another example of how online casino sites are getting involved in other fields outside of online casino games and gambling.

The online casino model search will take place from now through May, with 50-60 models judged each month. These models will be considered for continuation in the competition based on overall beauty, unique qualities, and a phone interview. Every month, the top ten finalists will be chosen to move up to the finals, which will be held in June. The top 12 finalists will be featured in the calendar, and will also win cash and prizes worth thousands of dollars. This is an incredible feat for an online casino, and it goes to show that online casinos can be very entertaining!

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