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Poker Winner Opens Online Casino Poker Site

Let’s say you were very lucky at an online casino and won a great deal of money. What would you do with that money? Would you buy a car? Would you travel somewhere? Would you open a restaurant? Dylan Jones, 27, has recently launched his own online casino website, after winning GBP 600 at a land-based casino. Now he would like to target those online casinos poker players who are looking for the best online casino site for them.

‘There are so many sites out there, which make it difficult for new players to decide on a site that suits them best. So through trial and error, I’m trying to gauge what poker players need and point them in the right direction,’ says Jones. Although Jones won at roulette and not at a poker table, this did not stop him from making poker the focus of his online casino. Dylan’s main objective is to truly help online casino poker players find the best online poker they can on the Internet.

His site also has a forum, where online casino poker players can share tips, tricks, and where to find great online poker. Players discuss all aspects of the game which provides a rich resource for anyone who is interested in playing this game. With the ranking of the online casino site, it is obvious to see that Jones has created a major hit in the online gambling world.

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