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Online Casino Valentine’s Special

Purple Lounge online casino is bringing the love and entertainment of Valentine’s Day to online casino players everywhere from February 1st to the 14th, 2006 with a special promotion. The Two Hearts Hand Promotion challenges online casino players to win $20 on any $1/$2 or higher table played during these dates. If players are able to couple the King and Queen of hearts in the cards they are dealt, with these being their hole cards, they win. And as long as players meet the requirements of the promotion, for the multiple romancer, the prize can be claimed an unlimited number of times.

‘Many purple lounge members are not only passionate poker players but also die hard romantics,’ said Tara, a spokesperson for the online casino. ‘Our clientele are sophisticated poker players, who play for real rewards and we provide them with the returns befitting their stature, while Valentine’s Day offers us a pleasurable opportunity to play cupid – you never know who you may meet over the poker table.’ Online casino fans who enjoy romance will surely find this promotion to be all things romantic.

So if you are looking for entertainment, fun, and most of all love, this online casino offer is for you! So get out there and try getting luck, and cupid, on your side. You never know what you’ll win or just who you’ll meet (maybe even your one true love) at the online casino! Good luck!

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