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Normandie Casino Hosts Hip-Hop BeatNuts

Talk about entertainment! It seems like hip-hop stars are coming to Normandie Casino! Sean Healy will present this dynamic duo – Psycho Les and JuJu – who produce their own beats with a true Latin flava. Named the Beatnuts, this underground Latino crew brings its happy, feel-good music and rhythm and causes people to jump to their feet and have a great time dancing and moving to the bouncy, lively sounds of Beatnuts’ music. And now hip-hop music fans can go to Normandie Casino and see this vivacious duo in action!

February 10th, 2006 at 8:00 P.M. is the performance date for Beatnuts at the casino. For $15.00 a ticket, Latin beats fans can come and see first-hand the new group. This crew has done remixes for famous groups such as Cypress Hill, Naughty by Nature, and da Lench Mob. At first, during the late 80’s they stayed behind the scenes, but now they realize their true talent – and they are getting in front of the mic now! And anyone who wants to and loves entertainment can see them at the Normandie Casino!

The group’s latest album is called Milk Me, and is another in a line of solid Beatnuts efforts that have impressed fans and critics everywhere. So if you are a Latin music lover, and adore hip-hop, the Beatnuts are definitely the group for you! Don’t miss them at Normandie Casino! And make sure you get there on time, so you don’t miss even one beat and dance step of this fabulous show!

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