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Online Casino Purchases Rock in Auction

Once again, online casino Golden Palace has made headlines by purchasing a rock on eBay for $100.00! And why is this rock so important to the online casino? Because it is a life-saving rock! A woman from Washington, New Jersey, once found herself in an emergency situation, and used the rock to break the window of her car. The reason for her distress – she was escaping a mother bear that was protecting her cub! The rock did the trick, and online casinos fans will be happy to know that the woman came out of that situation safe and sound.

The seller and a friend of hers were spending some time together near the edge of the woods when the baby cub approached them. It was simply looking for someone or something to play with. The trouble began, however, when the cub’s mother followed it into the clearing and began chasing the already running couple. Upon finding the keys to the car locked inside and still in the ignition, kicking and punching began, but to no avail. Suddenly, the woman found the rock, broke the back windshield, and opened the back door and front doors and drove off without stopping for two hours until they reached home. Talk about an evening of entertainment! Online casino fans are probably still shaking their heads in disbelief! And only Golden Palace online casino would find this story and the item to buy in order to help get its name known all around the world.

It is simply amazing to see what people will sell on eBay and what online casino sites like Golden Palace will buy in order to get world-wide fame! And loyal Golden Palace online casino fans know that when it comes to this online gambling site, there is never a dull moment!

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