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Online Casino Sponsors Home Fight for Boxer

The famous online casino, Golden Palace, has once again gone and done something unbelievable in order to promote its online casino. Zab Judah, a professional boxer who also boasts a tattoo with the online casinos site logo fought an anonymous highly-ranked challenger, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Unfortunately for Zab, he was not at his top game during the fight, and fame-hungry Mayweather eventually lost to Carlos Baldomir, 115-113, 114-113, and 115-112.

Most fans thought that Zab Judah’s return home to Madison Square Garden would prove to be an easy win. The awkward style of Baldomir gave Judah a great deal of trouble, costing Judah his welterweight titles and the April 8th fight with Mayweather. The crowd even got quiet in round two as the pace of the game slowed down. Although Judah tried hard to turn the tables and up the ante in the third round, Baldomir’s awkwardness won out in the end. Online casino boxing fans will surely be interested to know the details of this match. And online casino Golden Palace fans are surely happy that the famous online casino was involved in making this match possible.

Only time will tell if this online casino will sponsor another boxing match as well as famous boxers. In the meantime, online casino fans can enjoy the various other advertising stunts that Golden Palace has done in the past few months for some real entertainment! No one can do entertainment and crazy promotional tricks like Golden Palace online casino!

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