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Online Casino Gets Family Tattoo as Advertisement

Remember the three pregnant sisters walking around with the Golden Palace online casino tattoo on their big bellies? Well, it seems that advertising for this online casinos site in threes has happened yet again! For a whopping $1,000, the online casino has accomplished another first in the world of advertising. A grandmother and her two daughters will flaunt the Golden Palace logo on their chests for three months. But that’s not all! One of the daughter’s is pregnant, and she will have the logo tattooed on her chest and belly. There’s no way anyone could miss this advertising stunt!

The family was more than willing to do the advertising. The money’s great, but to them, the attention is better! Walking around with the online casino logo plastered all over themselves, not only as tattoos, but also wearing hats, t-shirts, sweaters, and other items will surely catch the eyes of all passers-by! Who wouldn’t look? And this is exactly what this family of females is counting on! It is clear that the online casino saw the enormous potential these women could offer the site.

It is unbelievable the promotional stunts and tricks this online casino pulls! It has also done advertising campaigns in conjunction with famous people like Dennis Rodman and Alain Robert. It is easy to see that this online casino knows how to make its name known all over the globe. And online casinos fans can always count on Golden Palace to bring them the craziest items and business deals in the world!

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