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Macau Casino Opening Ceremony Hosted by Jackie Chan

The Emperor Palace Casino, China’s 18th casino, held its formal opening ceremony on Thursday, January 5th, 2006. Approximately 20,000 people visited the casino during its opening day, where a ceremony was held with action film star Jackie Chan as the host! Talk about an entertainment celebrity! Surely, many of the casino patrons came to see Mr. Chan more than they did the actual casino! But, with over 300 brand new slot machines on three levels of gaming space, it is easy to understand why they would stay there.

But slot machines aren’t the only games in this new casino! All of the classic table games, like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and many others are all geared to both high and low rollers. And with such a flashy entrance, including 78 gold bars placed underneath the casino lobby’s floor, it is hard to resist not going in! The Emperor Palace Casino provides elegance, fun and tons of entertainment for anyone and everyone who visits! Besides, Jackie Chan wouldn’t choose just any casino to open!

‘The grand opening ceremony of our hotel has been scheduled for January 20th, 2006. With the Macau economy developing rapidly and China continuing to relax travel restrictions, we believe the gaming industry in Macau will continue to boom and present us with abundant lucrative opportunities,’ said Vanessa Fan, Emperor Entertainment Hotel Limited’s Executive Director. Maybe Jackie Chan will also be invited for the grand opening? Only time will tell. Until then, many casino patrons will continue to enjoy the new casino and the wonderful abundance of classic games and fantastic slot machines.

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