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Casino Patron has Deadly Cocktail

Sometimes too much entertainment isn’t a good thing. Who would have thought a birthday party with booze and a lap dance or two could end up being the last night you’d ever celebrate – or live? For George MacDonald, this was most certainly the case. While celebrating his birthday in 2004, first in a Piccadilly restaurant in London, and later at a Mayfair casino MacDonald had a great deal to drink. And if all that celebrating wasn’t enough, he and his friends left the casino and decided to move on to one more place – Stringfellows, a London strip club.

While enjoying his time at the strip club, but being a bit too drunk for his own good, he pulled one of the exotic dancers towards him during a lap dance which got him kicked out of the club. MacDonald was escorted out of the club by two giant bouncers and a former boxing champion, Marcus Marriott, better known as ‘Marcus Lee’. Marriott allegedly punched, and smashed, MacDonald’s jawbone, allowing him to fall to the pavement. MacDonald’s skull fractured and he later died from his head injury. Maybe, had he stayed at the casino, he would still be alive today. The casino most likely would have presented less of a threat of potential trouble.

Now Marcus Marriott is currently charged with murder and manslaughter, both of which he firmly denies, claiming that MacDonald threatened him as they were leading him out of the club. The results of this case will only be known in time. MacDonald’s experience shows how playing at online casino sites might be a better option for a birthday party, because it is done at home, in a safe and secure environment. MacDonald’s friends could have come over and joined him at the online casino, had some drinks, and had a great time. And probably could have helped George MacDonald save his life.

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