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Bits Corp. New Online Casino Technology Company

Bits Corp., a new major player in the world of online casino gaming technology, has signed agreements with Palace Group and Microgaming. Its developed technology will be put to the test when it uses its advanced technology to design and produce online casinos games. It is planning on doing so based solely on a sharing revenues basis. Online casino sites will now have another option to choose from when it comes to online casino gaming software, as well as a different form of entertainment technology.

Bits Corp. will ask permission and authorization in order to raise more capital from shareholders for its planned marketing campaign. The financial support and backing from the shareholders is important to the advertising and marketing campaign of this technology company in order to implement the infrastructure needed for the provision for online casino sites and online gambling. In Britain, Bit Studios is one of the leading game developers. With over thirty published titles in the US, Asia and Europe, the company has also provided and designed multiple platforms for entertainment video consoles companies such as Sega and Nintendo. Now it will have to prove itself in the online casino world.

There are constant advancements in technology. Everything today is hi-tech, including online casino sites and the Internet itself. The face of the online casino world is constantly changing, and needing to be updated and cutting edge all the time. Online gambling sites are in a constant race to acquire the best, quickest, most up-to-date technology for their online gambling games. Bits Corp. finally has its chance to prove to the online gambling world that it, too, can play hardball with the best gaming software developers in the business.

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