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Missing Female Skeleton Found On Casino Trip Path

Norma Dale Massa wanted to play at some casinos. She was an elderly woman from Memphis, Tennessee, who decided to take a casino trip. That year, in December, 2004, Massa disappeared. She went missing while in Tunica County and her body, according to Tunica County Chief Deputy, Randy Steward, has recently been found. A deer hunter is said to have discovered the skeleton, between Fitzgerald’s Casino and Sam’s Town Casino.

The Deputy stated that after examining the scene, there was no reason to conclude foul play. Massa was 65 and was unwell – she suffered from memory loss. She went missing while on a casino trip with residents of her Memphis independent living facility. She, along with 15 other people, had boarded the bus. The bus drove the touring group to Fitzgerald’s Casino in Tunica County for a pre-planned four-hour visit.

Nearly two hours after the group had been playing, Massa was seen leaving the casino, and no one had claimed seeing her since. When the body was found, a Fitzgerald’s Casino souvenir was found as well. This tragic story displays how a woman, who suffered from a severe illness and who simply wanted some entertainment and fun in her life, had her life cut short instead. This new discovery will hopefully help put closure to this case, as well as the family and friends’ bewilderment on her disappearance.

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