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Casino Film: An Oldie but Goodie

Three famous Hollywood names – Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, and Richard Donner – grace ‘Maverick’ the gambling classic, Western-style film. Inspired by the 1960’s television series which starred James Garner in the title role, this movie proved to be quite the box office hit. Although the casinos seen in this film are featured as dusty saloons with out-of-tune, clanking pianos and drunkard cowboys, this is a casino fan’s Western film come true. So why is it considered an oldie? The film was made and released in 1994, which makes it over a decade old. But for those of you who have already seen it, watching it again would definitely inspire a game of poker, or maybe even round at the online casino. Either way this movie is great for a rainy day, or with friends and family. And if you haven’t seen this film, then you are missing out on a great view of the casino life before the glitzy, light-adorned casinos of today.

With a nice combination of easygoing humor and mainstream plotting, this movie is both easy to watch and enjoyable at the same time. Brett Maverick (Mel Gibson) plays a card-playing gunslinger who meets Annabelle Bransford (Jodie Foster) and Zane Cooper, a marshal (James Garner). Maverick is on his way to the World Series of Poker in St. Louis, and is attempting to raise the necessary $5,000 to play in the high-stakes contest through games on the road. With a few twists in the plot, many tricks and a lot of deception, this proves easier said than done. Filled with action and laughs, the movie never wears on the viewer. This movie is casino entertainment at its best, and for those of you who love the Wild West, you will love this movie. Although not historically accurate, this film does give viewers a sense of what casino life was like during this time period in America’s history.

It’s true that there are other films based on casino history, scandal, crime or simple luck. However, what makes ‘Maverick’ special is its light-hearted, not-too-serious air which makes it a family film for any day of the week, anytime. So to all of you casino fans, check out this film and enjoy the magic in Maverick. Yee-hah!

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