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Pierce Brosnan Does Not Get Casino Role

When people mention the name Pierce Brosnan, a million thoughts run through one’s head. Some think of James – James Bond. Others think of his supermodel face and figure, and others simply think he is one of the greatest British actors alive. Whatever you think of when you hear Pierce Brosnan’s name is just another example of how famous and popular this actor is. So why is that he wasn’t chosen to continue his role as the well-known and household name, 007 in the new Bond film ‘Casino Royale’? He has moved on and gotten over this little bump in the road regarding his acting career, but he was quite confused when he was first turned down. Apparently, Hollywood didn’t feel that Brosnan was suited for the bright lights and green-felt casino tables.

And Brosnan really isn’t worried about it. He has already been nominated for a Golden Globe for his exceptional performance in ‘The Matador’ in which he plays a vicious hitman. Brosnan fans can only imagine what he would be like playing an undercover special agent in a casino setting, especially when he would have to suppress a brutal Russian high-rolling operative. In the original Flemming novel, the main game was baccarat, but here the focus is on poker. Bond casino fans and other Bond fanatics will surely be interested in seeing this film, although Brosnan will not be featured.

So sexy Brosnan won’t be in the movie bringing his charming smile and crystal blue eyes to the silver screen, but his replacement, Daniel Craig, is not too shabby either. For casino fans who love Bond, this will be the best Bond film ever! And for those who just love action-packed movies which happen to have a casino flare, this is definitely a must see.

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