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Online Casino Song Tells a Story

We all know the sound of Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’. But have you ever heard the song with different lyrics? And ones about an online casino, no less? Golden Palace online casino has created its own version of this classic song called ‘Make Those Bids Go Higher’. Online casinos fans already love it – it’s quite a catchy tune.

The lyrics have been written in the same fashion as the original song – with rhyming words. But this time, the words have to do with all of the online auctions and all of the bizarre and crazy purchases the online casino has made in the past, and continues to make to this very day. The song refers to the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich, Ariel Sharon’s battle-stained band-aid, the Holy Pierogi with Christ’s face appearing on it, and the many other finds they have bought. The online casino has truly gotten creative with this song cover re-make. What a way to bring even more entertainment to its online casino fans.

With so many zany ideas coming from Golden Palace online casino, this song is definitely not a surprise, although it is quite clever. So if you haven’t checked out this musical masterpiece, now’s the time! You’ll definitely get a laugh out of this one, and enjoy a colorful video to highlight the items that have been featured on the online casino site for the past several months. So go ahead and enjoy!

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