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Atlantic City Casinos Invaded by Young Gamblers

When thinking of Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos, there is usually a common picture that pops into everyone’s mind, among the glitzy lights and wonderful entertainment. It’s the picture of the old woman, or granny, who sits at one casino slot machine and doesn’t give up until she wins. Or doesn’t. Either way, she has become a casino fixture, just like the Roman statues at Caesar’s Palace and the gold lion head of the MGM Grand.

When it comes to Atlantic City casinos, though, a new trend is taking hold. That’s right – the youth are taking over this brilliantly lit city and becoming the new fixtures in a fairly old entertainment world. From flashy night clubs to bars on the beach and loud, club-dance music, Atlantic City is like a playground for the young. The opening of the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in the middle of 2003 is considered the main source for this new trend.

Blackjack, roulette, craps, and other table casino games are drawing the younger crowd to the city. Slots, which once drew many casino players, and the old grannies, are now less popular. Younger people are believed to enjoy interaction with others, and have more exposure to people they don’t know through these table games. Due to the revamp of the city’s population, it seems that more young people will be flocking to Atlantic City.

OCA News Editor