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Grammy Awards Odds by Online Casino Fans

The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California will be the location of the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. The awards ceremony will take place on February 8th, 2006. Sportsbook, a leading online casino and sports betting site, has already announced the fan favorite. Online casino betting fans seem to be putting their money on Mariah Carey. She has topped the Early Record of the Year award odds, with 8-5 odds. Her song, ‘We Belong Together’, seems to have impressed many online casinos fans. Closely following with 9-5 odds is Kanye West with ‘Gold Digger’.

‘Sportsbook players are more than just sports fans, they’re reality TV watchers, music lovers, political poll watchers, the list is endless!’ said Sportsbook Marketing Director, Alex Czajkowski. ‘Almost 9 million viewers watched the 2005 Awards show. Everybody bets and at Sportsbook 9 million Grammy fans can place their bets with us.’ Green Day is also in the running, at 2-1 odds with ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’. Online casino bettors get into this awards ceremony. Music is a huge entertainment industry, as well as the universal language. It is only natural that online casino fans would want to be involved in a media that touches their lives in such an intimate way on a daily basis.

A few other musical artists and bands are in the running as well according to the bets made by online casino fans. U2, Gwen Stefani, and Paul McCarthy are other names who are proving to be decent contenders. These Grammy Awards are going to be an exciting, fun, and exhilarating event for many online casino fans. Especially if they win major cash!

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