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Online Casino Shows Off Toyota Cup

Once again, the famous Golden Palace online casino has showed off its logo and self-promoted itself. This time, the location of its advertising was at the Toyota Cup Soccer event, and the online casino logo was emblazoned on his shirt as he ran across the filed. Online casinos everywhere will get a kick out of the photographs from the event on the online gambling website.

In his own words, the runner/advertiser says: ‘I arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday after a long flight. I went directly to the National Stadium to watch the semi-final between Sao Paulo and Al-Ittard. I put up the Golden Palace banner. (Then) I went to the semi- final in Yokohama stadium between Liverpool and Deportivo Saprissa. … If I can make it, it will be entertaining to the Japanese spectators which will of course bring exposure to the Golden Palace.’ What entertainment for spectators it was! You can be sure that everyone had their eyes on the Golden Palace participant. Online casino fans everywhere can see that this online casino knows how to put its name out there!

Will there be other running advertisers? Who knows?! That is the beauty of what this online casino does! It makes sure to include a shock factor with all of its advertising stunts so that its online casino will be on the lips of people all over the world. And it is definitely succeeding! We might see a streaker again – and where and when we will see him/her will be a total assumption.

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