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Online Casino Fans Bet on ‘Nip/Tuck’

Online casino fans love to make wagers on proposition bets, also known as props. These bets are made on entertainment events rather than sports events. Recently, Betmaker, a leading online casino, has been receiving odds on the popular, Golden Globe-winning television show, ‘Nip/Tuck’, particularly on who online casinos fans think the Carver will be.

‘Nip / Tuck and the identity of the Carver have been a cultural phenomenon in the U.S. At Betmaker, we felt it would be and informative to give Nip / Tuck fans odds on the suspects, and an opportunity to wager on who they feel is the Carver,’ said Silvia Vasquez, General Manager at Betmaker. The recent mysterious storyline focuses on a murderer whose secret identity will be revealed on the upcoming season finale of the program. Online casino bettors have already begun placing bets. So far the favorite according to Betmaker is Gina Russo, who is at an even money odd (1 -1). Others include Ava Moore (5 – 4), Erica Noughton (6 – 4), and Quentin Costa (5 – 2). Online casino players and Betmaker have also considered an exciting twist to the story, with odds at 5 – 2 for the chance that there is more than one carver, and 4 – 1 that none of the suspected characters is the murderer.

There are even long shot bets, with Sean McNamara (10 – 1), Annie McNamara (15 – 1) and Kimber Henry (12 – 1) as the potential Carver. In any case, online casino fans will have an enjoyable time watching the show to learn who the psychotic killer will be, and possibly earn some major cash while doing so. Props bets are becoming more popular among online casino bettors, and it is easy to understand why – people are able to bring two forms of entertainment together.

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