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Online Casino Sites Get Flood of Brits

More than half of the British population, 56.7 percent to be exact are playing at online casinos. These online gambling sites have been flooded with Brits, lately, as this audience is discovering that online casino sites are a great source of entertainment and fun. ‘As a percentage of online users, eMarketer projects that the UK will catch up with the US by 2008,’ says James Belcher, eMarketer senior analyst. That is quite a growth burst for a three-year period. It seems that in the coming years, online casino portals will only become more popular.

Because of the online casino craze, in order for Brits to play at these online casinos, they must use the Internet more and greater broadband. The UK is quickly becoming the number one broadband country in Western Europe in only three years because of BT’s broadband-enabling lines. They are now open to competing ISPs at wholesale rates. They are now open to competing ISPs at wholesale rates. Additionally, e-commerce is also growing among online casino fans thanks to more broadband power.

Now that it’s easier to connect, play and even shop, online casino fans in Britain are learning the meaning of in-home entertainment. Where else could they play their favorite casino games with family and friends around, or just along in their pajamas, except at the online casino? The comfort, convenience, and privacy of the online casinos are unbeatable and add to the overall fun and enjoyment of playing at these online gambling sites.

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