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Luxor Casino Slams Nicole Kidman and Boyfriend

Ah, the world of entertainment. And not just any entertainment, mind you, but the Hollywood and Vegas casino theater kind – combined. Nicole Kidman, Hollywood actress, and her country singer boyfriend, Keith Urban, had the spot light shining on them with full force, but this time they weren’t being admired. Famous casino drag comedian Dame Edna Everage decided to crack some jokes on their account, and did so by embarrassing and mocking the stars. ‘She’ teased Kidman about her acting skills, mocked her relationship with her new boyfriend, and even went so far as to call Kidman gangly and flat-chested! Poor Nicole! In front of a huge casino audience, to be ridiculed so!

But it seems that Kidman and Urban have nerves, and wills, of steel. After the ‘show’ had ended, the two had exited the casino, albeit red-faced, and had no reservations about meeting the Dame again on Friday. Kidman honored ‘her’ at the casino Luxor Theater, presented her with a gift for her 50 years in show business. Casino and online casino fans will definitely get a few giggles out of this story.

It’s always fun for online casino and all gambling fans to read about, watch, or hear about their favorite entertainment and Hollywood stars, especially when they are in compromising and amusing situations. Online casino fans and entertainment lovers will want to be updated about tinsel town and the funny goings-on there. Their news is entertaining news.

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