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Online Casino Fans Bet on Son or Daughter for Sandler

He’s everyone’s favorite funny boy. And now he’s going to be a real Big Daddy. That’s right – for those online casinos and Hollywood fans who haven’t heard that Adam Sandler’s wife, Jackie Titone, is pregnant with their first child, this is definitely news for you. And for those who have heard, bets are being taken on whether the couple will have a boy or a girl. Online casino bettors have gotten into a frenzy of betting. So far, odds are at -115 for a boy and -125 for a girl. Online casino fans wasted no time in putting in their two cents worth – and their money.

Odds of -115 are represented as 20/23 odds at Bodog, a leading online casino, and actual odds of -125 are represented as 4/5 odds at the same online casino. It seems that more people feel that Adam Sandler is going to be a daddy to a little boy. This type of betting is a great source of entertainment for many online casino patrons because it allows them to wager on celebrity figures they watch on television at home or in movie theaters around the world.

Whether Adam Sandler has a boy or a girl is trivial compared to the excitement his first child’s birth is evoking in many online casino and celebrity fans all over the world. Online casino fans will wait anxiously to discover the results of this eventful moment in history.

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