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Online Casino and Reality TV Face Scam

Reality TV shows are a prime source of betting. Whether it’s at home with friends, or at an online casino, people love to place their bets with who they think will win. Online casinos fans are huge bettors when it comes to reality television. This is why there are such bets as props bets. These bets are for online casino bettors who enjoy betting on outcomes of entertainment and celebrity figures and the endeavors they undertake.

X-Factor, a very popular music talent reality show in the United Kingdom, has been receiving explosive last-minute betting at online casino betting operator, Betfair. The online casino became suspicious of such a massive cram of bets and notified the authorities. Some of the winnings were frozen, but GBP 60,000 had already been drawn. The online casino was simply too late to stop them.

‘We take very seriously the integrity of betting on our markets and have no hesitation contacting police when people may be betting fraudulently. The problem is that it’s not certain what law has been broken but we have spoken to police and they are looking into it,’ said a spokesman for Betfair. The group of online casino scam artists began their scam by placing only small bets, and those amounts grew as they quickly began on a winning streak. Occasionally they would lose at other smaller bets in order to attempt at covering up their tracks. Whatever their illegal activity was, the online casino plans to continue its investigation until all information has been revealed.

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