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Casino Donates to Celine Dion Foundation

As many online casino fans have read about and seen before, many musical artists, Hollywood celebrities, and famous stars are doing what they can to contribute to various foundations providing aid to those in need. Rene Ang?lil, serving as Honorary President of the Patron’s Tournament to raise money for the Celine Dion Foundation decided to work hand-in-hand with Yves Devin, General Manager of the Casino de Montreal. The fund-raising tourney was a success. Online casinos Celine Dion fans will be happy to know that the money raised is going to a worthy cause. This fundraising initiative is meant to bring supplies, food, and other necessary items to needy families this holiday season. And the superstar singer also joined in a special performance to thank her fellow peers in the casino business and tournament.

‘This fundraising initiative is extremely important,’ Mr. Ang?lil stated, ‘particularly during this holiday season when so very many people are in need.’ Assistance from casinos and online casino sites is becoming more and more popular. Online casino and land-based managers and staff feel it is their place and duty to answer the call for help for they are enterprises and companies that have the necessary means to provide a great deal of help.

The entertainment provided in the special performance Celine Dion gave is the special, down-to-Earth, fun experience that only she knows how to give. Tournament players and casino staff alike reveled in the sweet sound of her voice, and the charity of the evening. Entertainment for a good cause is not found everyday – but this holiday season, the Patron’s Tournament and Casino de Montreal will be making many people’s holidays a little brighter.

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