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Online Casino Fans Bet on Britney’s Baby

It seems that there is trouble in paradise where Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are concerned. Online casino bettors are already placing odds on a new prop bet, with Britney winning custody of son Sean Preston, at 2 – 1. The couple has been going through marital troubles, mainly because Kevin is failing to be a responsible and dedicated father, according to his wife. Betmaker, the online casino taking these odds, has 20 – 1 odds for the possibility that Kevin would win custody of his second son, and third child. He has two other children from his previous fianc?, Shar Jackson. Online casinos fans seem to be getting into this story in order to win some major cash.

General Manager at Betmaker, Silvia Vasquez, said, ‘Britney and Kevin shocked the world when they got married and had a baby. What doesn’t shock anyone is the fact that their relationship might be on the rocks. This prop allows our visitors to be a part of this unfolding, real-life soap opera, and wager on the future of their favorite trashy couple.’ The online casino is also posting odds for the option that Britney’s mother will get custody of Sean Preston at 5 – 1. At 30 – 1 odds, the online casino has Shar Jackson gaining custody of Federline’s third child and keeping the family under one roof.

Whatever happens, this true Hollywood drama will develop in front of the eyes of millions. Those online casino fans who have placed their bets will watch this continuing saga with a close eye to see if they’ve won any money. And if not, than this online casino props bet will still be one of the best forms of entertainment this year.

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