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Online Casino Texas Hold’em from Atari

Whoa! Flashback to the 80’s, man! It’s online casino Texas Hold’em Poker Atari style! Who would have though that the famous Atari video game console would create a poker version for all casino and online casinos fans alike? Well, it has, and now online casino poker enthusiasts can get on the Atari and get in the game!

‘Stacked’, as the game is called, is the first video game to bring next-generation gameplay and broadcast quality production to Texas Hold’em Poker. The game is a joint effort by both Atari and Myelin Media. ‘Stacked’ features a detailed learning ‘school’, where online casino poker fans can pick up great strategies and helpful tips from the famous poker wonder, Daniel Negreanu. Ezra Chen, Vice President of Product Acquisition at Atari, said, ‘Much like video games, poker has become a form of mainstream entertainment and a way of life over the past few years. We are excited to be teaming up with Myelin to offer gamers a new immersive entertainment experience which merges pop-culture and digital entertainment.’ Online casino Texas Hold’em never seemed so fun!

It’s amazing how quickly and wildly the Texas Hold’em poker craze has spread all over the world, as well as the age ranges it has transcended. If Atari has already gotten into the online casino poker scene then who will be next? Through video game format, this classic poker game reaches a much larger audience. So if you haven’t opened that Atari console for a long time, now seems like a great time to do it!

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