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Online Casino Purchases Baby Jesus Cheeto

Another online casino auction from the most well-known online casino on the web! Yes, Jesus loves you, this you know. How do you know? Because he has appeared in a Cheeto! That’s right, folks, a Seattle, Washington snack food eater found the Baby Jesus in a bag of Cheetos, and gave it to his nephew to auction off on eBay. The orange, cheese-flavored Cheeto looks like an infant wrapped in a blanket, which made the snacker think twice about eating it. And, of course, Golden Palace online casino bought it. The online casino paid $22.50 for the item, bringing another unique purchase to its online casinos fans.

When asked about how his uncle came across the Cheeto, the seller had this to say: ‘A total miracle has occurred in Seattle, Washington: a Baby Jesus Cheeto in the image of Baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. You can see his little arms and toes. Give the gift of rebirth. Found by my Uncle Jim. He was about to munch down when something made him think again, and to his wondrous eyes did appear the Baby Jesus.’ It is unbelievable how Golden Palace online casino can find these one-of-a-kind items to bring to its loyal online casino fans. How do they do it?

This is yet another advertising stint in the online casino site’s history of wacky publicity ideas. It certainly provides great entertainment and terrific publicity! With so many auctions, contests, and advertising contracts, from famous people to every day Joes, this online casino gets its name known to everyone around the world.

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