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Online Casino Fans Bet on ‘The Apprentice’

Online casino fans love to play their favorite online casinos games on the web. They like to play the lotto, try their luck at bingo, and even bet on sports events. But they also like to bet on props, which are probability bet offers concerning other events other than sports. One of the most recent props betting options has to do with Donald Trump’s reality TV show, ‘The Apprentice’. Online casino players can bet on whether Randal or Rebecca will win.

As of today, the favorite with online casino gamblers is Randal. The odds have worked out to 2/5, meaning that for every two dollars wagered, the bettor stands to win five dollars. With Rebecca, the odds have panned out differently. Her odds rest at 17/10. This means that for every seventeen dollars wagered, the online casino bettor stands to gain ten dollars. It is easy to see that Randal has online casino bettors’ faith in his hands. Now the only thing he has to do is win the show and become Donald Trump’s next apprentice.

Props are becoming more and more popular among online casino players and sports bettors alike. Because online casino fans like to try new things, props provide a new kind of betting with a new kind of subject to bet on – entertainment. The sky is the limit when it comes to props betting, and online casino players will be able to continue betting on virtually everything. This form of wagering is yet another way that online casinos are bringing the newest, most innovative and interesting online gambling to its loyal fans.

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