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Online Casino Grants Advertising Contract to Child

When you were four-years-old, what was your biggest dream? Was it to get a new bike, or maybe a new doll, or action hero? For David from Charlotte, NC, his dream was to become famous. And he’s done it! Little David will advertise one of the best known online casino sites on the entire web. Golden Palace has once again reached the masses with its publicity stunts –this time through a 4-year-old boy. Is he excited about the online casinos contract? But, of course! Golden Palace online casino will be all over his clothes for an entire month.

Although David is not the only child in his family to help advertise a company, this time an online casino, (his younger brother, Jake, won an eBay auction in late August to have a company’s logo on his clothing), he is still thrilled about the opportunity to have his name and face shown all over the Internet as well as the local publicity he will receive. Golden Palace has definitely helped David make his dream come true – and he’s only 4-years-old! The online casino paid $222.50 as the winning bid to have David wear its logo. David will wear the online casino company’s hats, jackets, t-shirts, and whatever else it requires him to wear for four days a week, during one month.

David is the latest advertising partner for the online casino. Golden Palace has a long history of zany and wacky advertising stunts and publicity tactics, and this is one example of how unconventional the online casino can be! And thanks to this online casino, David just might become a huge star. Who knows? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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