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Spielberg’s Munich Online Casino Bettors’ Pick

Already leading as an overwhelming 5-2 favorite, Steven Spielberg’s ‘Munich’ is proving to be the favored choice for online casino bettors as the potential Best Picture for the 78th Annual Academy Awards. Since a leading online casino sports betting site, Sportsbook, began taking odds on this film, ‘Munich’ has proven to be the majority winner. Although the awards ceremony won’t take place until Sunday, March 5th, 2006, and the film has not premiered in theaters yet, the movie is still popular among film fans and online casinos bettors.

‘It’s interesting to see so much action on some of the yet-to-be released films, including Munich. If you follow the industry buzz you can get in on the betting early and really benefit from the opening odds. It works both ways; some films may have lost momentum for now but could easily regain it as we get closer to the Awards. These odds will continue to change right up until the date the five nominees are announced,’ said Peter Childs, Odds Maker for the online casino. Other films that have received online casino wagers are Cinderella Man (7.4 percent), Walk the Line (10.5 percent), Memoirs of a Geisha (5 percent), and Brokeback Mountain (7.1 percent). A History of Violence and Good Night and Good Luck, did not fare well with online casinos bettors.

A $100 online casino bet placed on November 17th would yield a $1,200 return, should ‘Munich’ win. As of today, that identical bet with the adjusted odds, a return of $250 would be received. The Oscars are already creating a craze with online casino film fans, making it easy to see why film bettors enjoy placing odds on potentially monumental movies.

OCA News Editor